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Moe Mohsin




·         Resourceful and Proactive SAP CO Consultant with more than 7 years of experience in Controlling Modules specifically Product Costing, Profitability Analysis and Profit Center Accounting

·         Experience with 3 FULL life cycle implementations.

·         Special Expertise in configuring cost component structure, costing variants, inter-company costing, Work-in Process and PA transfer structure related to Product Costing

·         Extensive experience implementing Profitability Analysis (CO-PA) module including Characteristics, Value Fields and Value Field Groups, Derivation Rules and Reporting structure.

·         Other Controlling expertise includes Cost Center Accounting CO-CCA, Internal Order Accounting CO-IOA, Profit Center Accounting EC-PCA, Report Painter

·         Part of a Team skilled in Project Evaluation, Information Gathering, Business Blue Print, Documentation, Customization and Configuration with an in depth Understanding of Business Processes relating to SAP Finance, Controlling and Integration with SD and MM Modules

·         Broad Experience in ASAP Project Implementation Methodology

·         Strong Communication, Analytical and Client Service skills with a High Learning Acumen to adopt new Tools and Technologies with ease and seamlessly Integrate skills set into the Project Implementation Lifecycle

·         Solid knowledge of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and Sarbanes-Oxley Act

·         User Training on the processes and assistance in Developing End User Document.

·         Excellent Accounting and Finance knowledge with demonstrated Competencies in Financial and Business Analysis acquired during MBA program and further developed while working with different Clients

·         Strong Problem Solving and Analytical skills and abilities to make Balanced & Independent Decisions.

·         Good Team Player, Strong Interpersonal, Organizational and Communication skills combined with Self-Motivation, Initiative and Project Management Attributes.




Firmenich, Lakeland, FL

June 2010 to Present

SAP CO Expert


Client is the largest manufacturer of Artificial Flavors and Food Chemicals in the world.


·         Deployment of SAP CO Module based on global template at two locations in Lakeland, FL and New Ulm, Minnesota

·         Supported Live plants in NJ

·         Led Budget Flow for Integration Testing including process improvement and new design

·         Supported Active Ingredient Management for Materials, including gathering business requirements, configuration and support.

·         Supported Period End Closing Process for Controlling for Integration Testing

·         Supported FI-CO Reconciliation process by analyzing flow of actual data from other streams and postings in COPA



L’Oreal USA, Clark, NJ – through Accenture (2008)

January 2008 to June 2010

IS Expert – Team 3 – Controlling Team Lead


Client is the worlds largest manufacturer of cosmetics based in Paris France, with US headquarters in Clark, NJ. L’Oreal has 8 manufacturing plants in North America zone with 1 in Montreal, Canada, 1 in Mexico and 6 in USA. SAP system named ISIS implementation.




Deployed SAP R/3 system for L’Oreal “ISIS” in 6 North American plants, 5 in the USA including Solon, Clark, Florence, Franklin, North Little Rock and 1 in Montreal, Canada. Process involved 2 plants at a time, with 3 full life cycle implementations from Fit Analysis and Gap identification to Go-Live, Closing and Post Production Support.


Fit Analysis

·         Reviewed SAP Standard Transactions with the Local Users and interacted with them to compare the legacy system with the new system.

·         Identified gaps based on local plant requirements and legal requirements

·         Identified possible management and operational changes based on the new system.

·         Identified change management areas, created Local Impact cards and planned Actions based on this for implementation.

·         Identified areas where procedures need to be created and incorporated into existing Training.


Environment Setup and Customization

·         Created Controlling Area, Number Ranges, Cost Elements, Cost Element Groups, Costing Sheets, Assessment Cycles, Activities, Activity Groups, Variance Variants, Internal Order Types, Costing Variants and components.

·         Created Operating Concern, Characteristics, Value Fields, Characteristic Derivation, Profitability Segments, PA Transfer Structure, Settlement Profiles, Allocation Structures and Profitability Reports in R/3

·         Created Cost Center Standard Hierarchy and Cost Centers specific by plant

·         Created Profit Center Standard Hierarchy and Profit Centers specific by plant

·         Created Cost Object Hierarchy and Setup of Environment for creation, variance calculation, overhead calculation and settlement of Product Cost Collectors.

·         Created Events for execution of Custom Transactions.


Gap Analysis and Program Development

·         Reviewed, created functional specs and developed Program to post “Gross Coverage” (Full Cost – Direct Cost) on Profitability Report

·         Reviewed, created functional specs and developed Program to post “Direct Cost” of movements into the Profitability Report.

·         Reviewed, created functional specs and developed Program to input BOM Scrap %age rates en masse by Material Group including a program to create BOM Scrap exceptions.

·         Reviewed, created functional specs and developed Program to post Subcontracting Movements into Profitability Report based on L’Oreal Requirements.

·         Reviewed, created functional specs and Developed program to automatically assign Product Cost Collectors into the Cost Object Hierarchy en masse.

·         Reviewed, created functional specs and Developed program to provide Controlling with list of all materials planned for production which have no standard cost.


Integration Testing

·         Created Controlling scenarios for Integration tests

·         Calculated standard price of all relevant materials

·         Created all other master data with users relevant for testing

·         Performed tests with other teams to validate customizing

·         Corrective Action for missing or incorrect customizing.

·         FICO Closing performed for all procurement, production and sales flows.


Simulation Tests

·         Full test with complete catalog of Finish Goods and Lower Level Materials.

·         Created standard cost and match with Legacy system costs

·         Created all possibly scenarios at the plant and executed them.

·         Parallel Simulation for one week where multiple lines at the plant produce in both legacy and new system. Monitoring progress closely and going over FI and CO Postings with users.

·         Created Issues and planned corrective actions to be taken for go-live

·         FICO Closing of the month and completed FICO Reconciliation

·         Involvement of end-users in the process to better prepare them for go-live


Standard Price Calculation

·         Development of Process to efficiently calculate Standard Prices.

·         Involvement and integration with PP and MM teams to co-ordinate planning for Standard Price Calculation for both Simulation and Go-Live.

·         User-exit development to control material production without standard price by using BOM status, Recipe Status and Material Master Plant specific material status.


FICO Training

·         Created Procedures, Job Aids and Presentation for effective trained end-users.

·         Training using two-step process of going over presentation and then involving end-users in extensive coaching sessions to go over transactions and draw similarities and changes they will expect after go-live.

·         Trained extensively in Controlling Processes including CO-PC, CO-PA, CO-CCA and CO-PCA

·         Extensive involvement in FI Training including Assets, Investments, G/L, A/P and A/R

·         Post Training Assessments and Quizzes after training to assess user progress.


Go-Live and Post Go-Live Support

·         Extensive support of users before, during and after go-live

·         Extensive involvement in first three FICO Closes and successfully Reconciling FI and CO

·         Monitored Procurement, Production and Sales with the Users during the first month of Go-Live

·         Provided support to “Coaching and Support” department after one month of go-live for any issues

·         Monitored Support System where users logged issues. Taking corrective action by re-training users on frequently occurring issues.


Special Controlling Projects:

FICO Reconciliation

·         Created worksheet to compare FI and CO results. Worksheet creation streamlined FICO Reconciliation process and provided users with greater ease of reconciling.

·         Trained users on the flows necessary to understand FICO Differences and reasons for their occurrence.

·         Trained users on flows in COPA and custom programs developed for COPA postings.


Budget Training, Testing and Execution

·         Extensive training of Logistics Department, Purchasing Department and Controlling Department for the Budget Process.

·         Budget Simulation done after go-live of plants and every process tested from creation of independent requirements to creation of new standard prices.

·         Development of tool for Purchasing Department to help them in getting the required dependent requirements and materials valid for Budget.

·         Extensive live-support at end of year for all Controlling Departments for the Budget process.


Destruction Tool

·         Customized Web-based tool used to monitor destruction of products.

·         Created multiple validation procedures to ensure everyone depending on the inventory value being destroyed from the Operator to plant Manager is involved in the approval process for destruction


SAP Upgrade Project

·         Support during SAP Hot Packages Update into the system

·         Extensive testing of all flows in the test environment after successful upgrading

·         Transport from test environment to production and closely monitoring any possible issues from the upgrade.


Special Finance Projects:

Cash Flow Report

·         Customized SAP Liquidity Planner to develop Cash Flow Report.

·         Created Financial Management Area, Liquidity Items and Queries to post into Liquidity Items.

·         Created Cash Flow Report in Cash Budget Management module

·         Created Commitment Items as Liquidity Items in Cash Budget Management

·         Created Batch Plan for continuous running of Programs to update Liquidity Items using FI information and Invoice Information. Also Created Batch Plan to run program to update Cash Budget Management Report.

·         Tested extensively with Treasury to make sure bank account balance matches ending balance of Cash Flow Report.

·         Created Training documents and trained end users in Finance Department and Treasury in use of reports.


Sales Order Type Organization

·         Created template for various Sales Order Types used in the company

·         Linked Cost Centers with Sales Order Reason Codes in OVF3

·         Template included Order Type, Reason Codes, Cost Of Goods Sold Accounts and Revenue Accounts

·         Defined Sales Flow into Profitability Reports.


Vendor Migration Process

·         Created process to migrate Inventory and Overhead Vendors from the legacy system into SAP

·         Used the DUNS number to validate each vendor being migrated and to remove duplicate entries by multiple plants.

·         Created difference vendor account groups for the Order From, Invoice From and Pay To vendors.

·         Created CATT Program to mass upload vendors into the system and extend them into the Company Code and Purchasing Organization

·         Created training documents to train users in vendor creation process.


DART and Query for IRS Requirements

·         Provided Functional Specifications for DART implementation according to corporate and IRS Requirements.

·         Provided backup process to users to extract FI Transactional level data from the system to provide to the IRS.

·         Process included creation of queries and use of standard transactions to extract G/L Line Item Data, Invoice Line Items, Vendor Master Data, Cost Center and Profit Center Master Data.



BW Trend Reports

·         Created functional specifications for Trend BW Reports.

·         Extracted Sales Data from APO and Production Data from MPS (planning system)

·         Tested BW Report after development and created training documents for users.

·         Provided Controlling users with cost breakdown based on planned production and projected sales.

·         Based on reports Controlling users had the tools to plan for overhead, labor hours and indirect costs.


BW Budget Reports

·         Created functional specs for Budget Reports for Controlling users

·         Report included data from Budget MRP Runs and new standard costs marked in the system

·         Developed 4 reports in total that before SAP had to be create manually

·         Reports provided users with breakdown of costs, and comparison of new and old costs based on the independent and dependent requirements.


BW Operation Reports

·         Created functional specs for Variance Reports using CO-PC module.

·         Report helped user in getting the variances in BW on a daily basis without the need to settle the Product Cost Collectors everyday.

·         Created Reports to analyze Sales by Condition Type in BW which helped users in determining their profitability margin.



Labor System

·         Along with the PP Team helped develop labor system outside of SAP

·         Integrated the system with SAP using SAP XI and later PI

·         System created file in SAP UNIX directory with the hours by Process Order or Cost Object.

·         Created program to integrate this file into SAP using COR6 for Process Orders and KB21N for Cost Objects.


Payroll Interface

·         Integrated L’Oreal’s old Payroll System with SAP using SAP XI and later PI

·         Payroll file was generated by corporate and sent to SAP

·         Created mapping to map payroll system accounts with SAP G/L Accounts and Cost Centers.

·         Created program to integrate this file into SAP using F-02


Rhodia Inc, Cranbury, NJ

September 2006 to January 2008

SAP Expert COPC and COPA – Secondary Team Lead


Client is a large French chemical manufacturing company with presence in over 20 countries and specially large in the United States where it has 21 plants scattered throughout the country. It comprises of 4 separate businesses.  Full life cycle implementation



·         Configured entire Product Costing Module including Controlling Area, Controlling Document Number Ranges and setup of cost center hierarchy, cost center category, activity types, assessment cost elements and splitting structure.

·         Created Profit Center Hierarchy and Profit Centers.

·         Created overhead cost element structure

·         Created Cost Component Structure based on business requirements.

·         Defined costing variant based on legal costing requirements.

·         Configured WIP including Results Analysis Keys, Cost elements, Posting Rules, Valuation Method and Number Ranges

·         Configured Variance Keys, Variance Variants, Settlement Profile and PA Transfer structure.

·         Created Characteristics, Value Fields, Value Field Groups and configured reporting in COPA



·         Created ASIS models by visiting plants with the PP team and then constructed the TOBE model based on these.

·         Assigned cost centers to production resources, created activities for non-stocked items and created secondary cost center assessment cycles into the production cost centers.

·         Assigned internal and external sub-contracting and proposed flows for costing solution.

·         Created Business Model for each enterprise for review by management in France for approval.

·         Presentation at validation sessions for approval by individual plant management.

·         Created documentation on test scenarios to test the data setup.


Issue Resolution

·         Provided specifications for custom reporting in ABAP and BW

·         Defined logic for reporting separately the profit of trading and manufacturing.

·         Created report for historical inventory by location

·         Created report of inventory revaluation

·         Supported Vertex team and setup data to make sure that tax is included in the Moving Average Price of the raw materials.

·         Worked closely with SD and MM team in the transportation module to make sure transport costs are included in the moving average price when buying raw materials.

·         Resolved general issues when testing system with other streams.



·         Gathered information on reports currently used in the legacy system.

·         Analyzed gaps in reporting that could not be achieved with the current database.

·         Created queries for reports which were already available as ODS or info cubes in the database

·         Created specifications for BW to extract fields not available



·         Tested various scenarios with the FICO team to test data

·         Arranged integration sessions with other streams to test integrated issues including purchasing, sales order, PM Order and settlement, PP recipes, BOM and costing issues.



·         Created training documents for use by key users and end users.

·         Provided functional training of Key Users in material master Accounting and Costing views, cost center and profit center creation, Creating costing run, Assessment Cycles, Order settlement etc.

·         Supported key users in training end users.



March 2005 to August 2006

Sr. SAP CO Consultant


American Pharmaceutical Partners, Inc. develops, manufactures and markets injectable pharmaceutical products in three basic forms: liquid, powder and lyophilized or freeze-dried. Their product is generally used in hospitals, long-term care facilities, alternate-care sites and clinics within North America and holds the right to sell ABRAXANE.


·         Full Life Cycle Implementation

·         Configured settings for Controlling Area and Operating Concern, maintained versions. In Cost Element Accounting created primary and secondary cost elements, created cost element groups, maintained cost element attributes, costing sheet etc.

·         Profitability Analysis (COPA): Configured the system for Costing-Based Profitability Analysis, created characteristics and value fields, used various derivation techniques and rules, configured valuation using product costing and costing sheet.

·         Cost based COPA, Account based COPA, planning, operating concern, creating data structures, characteristics, value fields and attributes, transfer structures, reports on profitability analysis.

·         Product Costing (COPC): Product cost planning with and with out quantity structures, costing run, Cost object controlling product cost by period, product cost by order, product cost collector, Actual costing/Material ledger

·         Cost Center Accounting (CCA): Planning cost centers, cost center hierarchy, cost elements, variances, activity types, statistical key figures, assessment, and distribution and reposting.

·         Assessment and distribution cycles, attachment of cycles to segments, different analysis period selection and allocation through distribution and assessment to cost centers.

·         Alternative hierarchies for specific management reporting, along and across the departments in cost center reporting.

·         Actual and statistical manual posting and reposting, period end closing, primary and secondary cost element creation and cost element groups.

·         Center planning developed planning area, planning layout and planner profile.

·         Internal Orders: Overhead, investment, accrual and revenue orders.

·         Configured costing sheet, overhead costing sheet, defined field values, and assignment of costs to costing sheet.

·         Profit Center Accounting (PCA): In Profit Center Accounting maintained the master data, standard hierarchy, substitutions, and assignments. Configured profit center accounting planning, defining versions, planning layout, planning profile, plan allocations.

·         Planning, profit center, revenue elements, sales order, internal order, fixed assets and material master assignment, control parameters.

·         Configured profit centers and profit center groups, maintained alternative profit center hierarchy and allocation form default profit center to different profit centers.

·         Configured WIP calculations, variance calculations, maintained settlement structures, configured costing variants and valuation variants and made assignments



December 2003 to February 2005



Caterpillar Inc. has been building the world's infrastructure in partnership with its worldwide dealer network, is driving positive and sustainable change on every continent. With 2004 sales and revenues of $30.25 billion, Caterpillar is a technology leader and the world's leading manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, diesel and natural gas engines and industrial gas turbines.


·         Provide support for COPC and COPA related issues

·         Configuration in KEPC for blocked invoicing because of standard cost not being released.

·         Synchronizing Raw material Moving Average Price with Info Record, deleting costing run based on old MAP and re-running new for new MAP

·         Reporting requirements for BW including specifying input, output, Tables and Fields. Suggesting creation of new ODS based on information not available in SAP.

·         Solving integration issues with other modules for efficient resolution.

·         Configuration of chart of accounts, account groups in G/L & master data, incoming payments, reason codes in accounts receivable & master data, outgoing payments, open item clearing in AP.

·         Creation and maintenance of field status groups, posting keys, document type, open and close posting periods and created G/L account master records.

·         Defined Customer/Vendor Account Groups and Created Customer/Vendor Master Data

·         Configured Automatic Payment Program for Outgoing Payments for Company Codes in Accounts Payable

·         Payment Program Configuration: Company Code Data, Paying Company Code, Country Payment Methods, Creating proposal to Check Printing, Wire Transfer settings, ACH payments etc

·         Configured Incoming Payments, Billing, Credit Management and Dunning Programs

·         Integrated AP and AR modules with MM and SD respectively with respect to Account determination for various Clearing and Adjustment Accounts and Automatic Postings

·         Configured Lockbox Processing, Customized Processing of Incoming Checks.

·         Configured and Customized the Credit Control Area



October 2002 to November 2003

SAP FICO Consultant


Delphi is world’s largest automotive supplier and is a leader in mobile electronics, transportation components and systems technology. Multi-national Delphi conducts its business operations through various subsidiaries and has headquarters in Troy, Michigan. Delphi has approximately 184,000 employees and operates 167 wholly owned manufacturing sites in 40 countries.


·         Work closely with other process teams to facilitate Project Progress and to Ensure an Integrated System Solution

·         Configured the FI/CO Module along with Global Settings and Organizational Structure

·         Configured the different Parameters for the Client such as Company Codes, Chart of Accounts, Fiscal Year Variants, and Credit Control Area

·         Defined Master Records for G/L, A/R and A/P

·         Configured the Payment Program for Automatic Payment to Vendors

·         Configured the Terms of Payment and Dunning program for A/R

·         Configured the Interest Calculation on Unpaid Invoices

·         Configured the Employee Tolerance Groups for Clearing against a Customer Account

·         Customized Accounting Transactions for G/L, A/P, and A/R such as Account Assignment Models and Recurring Entries

·         Set up the Cost Centers, Profit Centers and Primary and Secondary Cost Elements

·         Defined the Statistical Key Figures and Standard Hierarchy

·         Set up the Cost Center Hierarchy, Assessments/Distributions, PCA-settings, and  Hierarchy

·         Provided Back office Go Live support for COPA. My main responsibilities included (but not limited to) FI-COPA-PCA reconciliation, configuration support in COPA, data uploads, master data management, validations, testing etc

·         Provided Production support for the FI/CO modules GL, AR, AP, COPA

·         Monitored day-to-day activities and fixing incorrect postings as they occur.

·         Checked assignments of relevant to cost objects and in particular materials to profit centers.

·         Prepared for the month end close and setting up relevant master data for Allocations (Assessments and Distributions).

·         Generated various reports using report painter




Financial Accounting:                      General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Bank Accounting, Asset Accounting, and Special Purpose Ledger

Controlling:                                         Cost Center Accounting, Cost & Revenue Element Accounting, Internal Order Accounting, Profit Center Accounting & Profitability Analysis

Reporting Skills:                                Report Writer & Report Painter
Integration:                                         FI/CO integration with SD, MM, PP and PM




ERP Package:                                     SAP (ECC 5.0, 4.7, 4.6C, 4.6B and 4.0B) FI/CO, MM, SD, PP
Databases:                                            Excel, Access

Operating Systems:                           Windows 95/98/NT/2000/Millenium/XP

Office Tools:                                       MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Access





Northeastern Illinois University, Chicago, IL Year – 2004-2007 (Part Time)

Completed courses in Business including Financial Accounting, Business Accounting, Finance, Business Law and Management


University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI Year – 2003

Master’s in Science


NED University of Engineering and Technology, Karachi, Pakistan Year - 2001

Bachelor’s in Science



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