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Shirish Rani Jadcherla



·         Over Six years of experience in Core Development, Design and good exposure to Configuration and Deployment of Enterprise Applications.

·         Extensive knowledge in developing Desktop applications, Internet/Intranet applications using Java.

·         Extensive experience in analysis, design, development and testing with proficient programming skills in JAVA, using Distributed Object Technologies J2EE, EJB, Servlets, JSP, RMI, CORBA, JNDI, Struts.

·         Exposure to Web services, SOAP, XML Schema’s, XML, XSL, XML parsers, HTML, Java Script, JMS.

·         Professional development experience in J2EE Architecture (Client, Web, Business and EIS tiers) with different design patterns (Model View Controller, Session Façade, Value Object, DAO) and creation of enterprise Applications on J2EE Application Server Weblogic, WebSphere.

·         Worked on Databases MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server and Sybase.

·         Involved in the design and analysis of complete project, using UML diagrams, like Case Diagrams, Sequence Diagrams and Class Diagrams in Rational Rose.

·         Proven experience in developing web-based applications using JAVA, SERVLET, JSP, XML, XSL and EJB with Oracle Database.

·         Having extensive experience in Application Servers like BEA Weblogic and WebSphere.

·         Good experience in coding SQL, PL/SQL Programs, Stored Procedures, Triggers.

·         Good knowledge on Hibernate and Spring frameworks.

·         Experience in Unit, Integration and System testing using JUnit and Test Director.

·         Hands-on experience for full life cycle of software development.

·         Exposed to system analysis and design, system development, integration, installation, deployment, client interaction, software development process.

·         Always proactive and maintained good team relationships.

·         Excellent analytical skills and proficient in client-relationship management.

·         Proven ability to adapt quickly to new projects and assignments.

·         Ability to deliver quality work under pressure and aptitude to meet client deadlines.

·         Self-motivated individual with strong communication skills and interpersonal abilities.

·         A fast learner, self-starter and very good team player with the ability to work independently.


Training & Certification

·         Sun Certified Java Programmer for the Java 2 Platform.

·         Sun Certified Web Component Developer for J2EE Platform.





Technical Skills

Languages                                      Core Java, J2EE, SQL, PL/SQL

Web Servers                                   IBM WebSphere, Weblogic, Apache Tomcat.

Internet Technologies                     HTML, DHTML, XHTML, XML, XSLT, CSS, Java Script

Enterprise Technologies                 Servlets, JSP, RMI, CORBA, Enterprise Java Bean (EJB)

Messaging                                      Java Messaging Service, Message Driven Beans

Operating Systems                         Windows 9x/NT/XP, MS-DOS, UNIX, Linux

Databases                                       MySQL, Oracle 9i, SQL Server, Sybase, MS-Access

Development Tools                         Eclipse, WSAD, JDeveloper, XML Spy, Rational Rose

Frameworks                                    Struts, Spring, Hibernate

Testing & Performance tools          JUnit, Test Director

Version control                               CVS, Subversion.


Professional Summary


Client: Highmark Inc., PA                                                                      Sep 2007 – Present

Project Name: Sales Force Automation.

Role: J2EE Developer

            Highmark is a health insurance company, currently one of the largest health insurers in the United States which owns several subsidiaries. The objective of the project is to empower Highmark’s advisor with a point-of-sale system capable of supporting a full advisory cycle, from financial planning leading to sales fulfillment as well as post sales support. SFA is divided into various modules such as Education, Disability, Hospitalization, Major illness, Investment and Retirement planning.



·         Designing the project based on the Model View Controller architecture.

·         Involved in Struts components, Enterprise Bean programming on the server side for the communication between clients and server.

·         Developed Enterprise Java Beans for encoding the business logic and handling different transactions.

·         Involved in design and implementation of the DAOs interfaces for hibernate to interact with the database.

·         Developed the System use cases from Functional use case requirements.

·         Designed Web Component communication and integrated web components with other Technologies like XML and XSL / XSLT.

·         Used the JNDI for Naming and directory services.

·         Developed session beans for Business Delegate to encapsulate the business logic associated with the requirements.

·         Developed Client-side validation using JavaScript.

·         Developed front end web pages using HTML, JSP, CSS.

·         Extensive development using JSP, Servlets and EJB on Weblogic.

·         Wrote stored procedures, Functions and triggers using SQL, PL/SQL in Oracle 10g.

·         Accessed and manipulated the Oracle database environment by writing SQL queries in the TOAD environment for testing purpose.

·         Involved in Unit, Integration and System testing using JUnit framework.

·         Used CVS and perforce for software configuration management and version control of the development project.

·         Coordination with the team members in development.



J2EE, JDK, ANT, JDBC, JSP, Servlets, EJB, Oracle10g, XML, XSL / XSLT, Web logic, Eclipse, TOAD, Struts, Hibernate, JNDI, CVS, JavaScript, JUnit, Rational Rose, Windows 2000.


Client: CHASE Bank, MD                                                                           Nov 2006 – Aug 2007

Project: Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities.

Role: Java Developer


            CHASE, a leading bank, offers whole loan bulk and flow trading. It also provides the only e-trading platform accessible through the Internet to trade TBA-MBS (To Be Announced - Mortgage Backed Securities). With the intention to expand its trading horizon, trading platforms for structured products like Collateralized Mortgage Obligations (CMO), Asset-Backed Securities (ABS) and Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities (CMBS).



·         Used Rational Rose for designing Class Diagrams, Sequence Diagrams based on UML concepts.

·         Actively involved in design of the application architecture in lines of MVC Architecture and simple Java Beans as a Model, JSP as View and Servlets as a Controller.

·         Involved in design and development of the presentation layer using JSP, Servlets.

·         Developed Enterprise Java Beans for encoding the business logic and handling different transactions.

·         Designed Web Client workflow and Web component communication and integrated web components with other Technologies like XML and XSL/XSLT.

·         MVC Pattern Architecture for development of the application.

·         Implementation of J2EE Design pattern (Value objects, Singleton pattern).

·         Developed data access layer using CMP Entity Beans and value objects.

·         Responsible for development of the several utility classes for general use of the application.

·        Developed JavaScript Code for form validations and used DHTML WebPages enhancements.

·         Used Maven for project, build, Reporting and Documentation

·         Singleton classes implemented that were used in mapping handlers based on actions and the navigation conditions.

·         Used IBM WebSphere Application Server 5.0 for the deployments in development mode.

·         Used CVS as a Version Control Tool and followed standard software life cycle.

·         Prepared documentation for future references and updates.



Java, Servlets, EJB, JSP, XML, XSLT, JNDI, HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, Rational Rose, Oracle9i, CVS, WSAD, Windows NT.




Client: Leo Microsystems, MD                                                                  Jan 2006 – Oct 2006 Project Name: Student Enrolment Management System (SEMS)

Role: J2EE Developer


            SEMS application is a web-based admission management system divided into two modules, ideal for managing student admission and enrolments in educational institutions. It is highly suitable for maintaining student admission procedures through web. Protected by authentication mechanism, students’ details such as personal, contact, educational qualification, English fluency, intended course, etc were collected through web. These online application form details are saved and upon approval / authorization, student will be offered an admission. SEMS is highly suitable for maintaining enrolments in each enrolment period. The system can be customized to the order of subjects in a course. It helps manage issuing timetables to students.



·         Involved in design of the project using Use Case and Class Diagrams.

·         Designed prototypes based on client requirements.

·         Developed the modules Instructor details, Academic-Calendar details, Classroom details.

·         Direct Interaction with client in Design phase and Implementation phase.

·         Involved in Unit, Integration and System testing using JUnit framework.

·         Involved in generating powerful reports in PDF format of enrolments by Academic - Calendar or by Subjects, Course Details, Attendance report and Status of the Courses and Classroom capacity.   

·         Created complex SQL queries and used JDBC connectivity to access the database.

·         Responsible for deployment of the application (generation of Wars and Ears) on Tomcat6.0.

·         Developed Servlets that were inserting/querying underlying database tables.

·         Developed database components for interaction between the front-end application and the database using Oracle.

·         Installed and configured Tomcat application server and was responsible for various deployments over it and administration of Tomcat.



Java, JSP, Servlets, CSS, JavaScript, JDBC, Struts, XML, Oracle9i, JUnit, Tomcat 6.0, Eclipse and Windows NT.


Client: ING Financial, NY                                                                         Oct 2004 - Dec 2005

Project Name: Portfolio and Index management

Role: Java Developer


            Portfolio and Index Management (PIM) System is a report generation System. This system consists of developing reports corresponding to the functional areas and requirements for Portfolio Application Management. These reports show the Schemes and Sectors ids in the database for reference look-up and show portfolio activity information for a date range.



·         Involved in the development of front-end developing part (presentation layer).

·         Developed User Interfaces using JSP and java script technology.

·         Involved in the development of Servlets coding for the controllers.

·         Used LDAP for the Authentication of the application.

·         Involved in designing Class diagrams using UML.

·         Used the SAX and DOM parsers for parsing the xml file.

·         Involved in generating reports to show the portfolios, schemes and sector's within date range.

·         Used CVS for Source Control and Version Management.

·         Used Java script for client-side validations in most of the screens.

·         Implemented ANT as the build system.

·         Used Web sphere server for deployment.

·         Involved in the Unit testing using JUnit framework.



Java, JSP, Servlets, JSF, Spring, Hibernate, Java Script, XML, Web Sphere, Oracle 9i, Sybase, Eclipse, ANT, Web services, SOAP, WSDL, Linux and Windows 2000 XP


Client:  Swift Solutions Pvt. Ltd, Hyderabad, India.                                  Apr 2004 – Oct 2004

Project Name: Online Ecommerce Tool

Role: J2EE Developer


The purpose of the project is to provide technical support for the customers of the software products from various software technologies. Suppose customer purchased a software product from a company, he may come across various technical problems while using the product. Customers can use this system to convey the problem to the concerned seller online and get his problem resolved. This system provides easy to use interface through which the customer can get technical support from the seller.



·         Involved in the detailed design and development of the Issue Management and the Task Management modules using JSP.

·         Developed Enterprise Java Beans for encoding the business logic and handling different transactions.

·         Designed a reusable, customized database interaction module, which was further used by other developers for coding all database transactions.

·         Involved in development of several reports using JSP for issues and tasks based on team member, customer, priority, status etc.

·         Analyze the current application and design the new application according to new specifications provided by the client.

·         Designed a new database scheme and migrated the old data into the new database structure as needed.

·         Developed a high-level test plan for Integration testing.



HTML, JDK, JDBC, EJB, JSP, Struts, ORACLE, SQL Server, Weblogic, Apache Tomcat and Windows 2000


Client: CWE, Secunderabad, India                                                        Oct 2002 - March 2004

Project: Engineering Works

Role: Java Developer


            Commander Works Engineer (CWE) is a wholly owned division of Indian Army, which looks after the various Civil and Mechanical works of all the army bases and their Quarters. The solution is to facilitate the organization to automate their various processes, for e.g. Finance, HR, Purchase, Stores, Budgets, Engineering and Planning, Plants and Machinery etc. The solution should be capable of providing complete atomization that would interlink through network among all their bases across the city. The entire project is being developed in EJBs, Servlets and JSP with backend as Oracle8i.



·         Involved in design of the project using Use Case and Class Diagrams with Rose.

·         Design of Prototypes based on client requirements.

·         Involved in Unit testing of the application.

·         Involved in project documentation and Help file preparation.

·         Developing EJBs and Servlets as required.

·         Configure the Weblogic server.

·         Developed the Front-end applications using JSPs with CSS.

·         Assisted in preparing the reports for the management using Crystal reports.

·         Supporting the Team to work together.



EJB, JSP and Servlets, Oracle 8i, Weblogic.



·        BS - Computer Applications.

·         MS - Computer Applications.


Reference:  Provided upon request.


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