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Magnus (Jianhui) Chen

JAVA/J2EE Developer




Pursuing a challenging J2EE developer position, an effective team player with excellent communication and six years of J2EE experience in designing and building n-tier web applications and Java applications will contribute his technology and experience to help the growth of business.




Ø       6 years J2EE development experience in both client and server sides

Ø       Designed and developed Struts-based Web applications

Ø       Designed and developed Spring-based systems

Ø       Designed and developed EJB 2.0  model components

Ø       Designed and developed SOA, web services/SOAP and JMS

Ø       Experienced in AJAX, JSON development

Ø       Experienced in GUI development

Ø       Experienced in JSP, Servlet development

Ø       Experienced in and Excellent knowledge of application servers – WebSphere, WebLogic, Tomcat, JBoss

Ø       Experienced in Rational Unified Process of software development

Ø       Experienced in multiple design artifacts by UML

Ø       Experienced in and Excellent knowledge of J2EE design patterns

Ø       Experienced in and Excellent knowledge of object oriented methodologies

Ø       Experienced in database design and development

Ø       Experienced in application security

Ø       Experienced in IDE-Eclipse, JBuilder, WSAD

Ø       Experienced in build tool- ANT, Maven




Sun Certified Programmer




Bachelor Degree of Computer Science, McGill University, Canada




Servlets, JSP, JavaBean, JDBC, JNDI, Threads, AWT, SWT,AJAX, JSON, Struts /Spring Frameworks, SOA, Axis Web Services/SOAP, JMS, MQ Series, EJB 2.0, XML, HTML, Ext-js, JavaScript, SQL, ANT/Maven, Log4j, Junit, LDAP/Security, Java Web Star/JNLP




Eclipse/JBuilder/WSAD/Rational Application Developer, Erwin, Toad, WebSphere/WebLogic/Tomcat/Jboss, Jasper Reports, Rational Rose / Rational XDE, CVS




Oracle 8i/9i, DB2, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server



Operating Systems

Unix: Solaris, MS Windows



Professional Experience

JBytes Corporation, Henderson                                                                                       July 2008- August 2008

JAVA/J2EE Developer

Developed an Insurance Management Web Application

Ø       Utilized Struts to design and develop the structure of this system

Ø       Used Ext-js to created a GUI interface on workstation

Ø       Used Ajax and Json to develop a web application

Technologies: Struts, Ext-js, Json, Ajax

         Tools: Eclipse, Tomcat, Microsoft SQL Server



Computer Sciences Corporation, Falls Church                                            April 2005-May 2008

JAVA/J2EE Developer 

Developed a Border Control Application, which is used to record border crossing

Ø       Utilized Spring to design and develop the structure of this system

Ø       Used SWT/Swing to created a GUI interface on workstation

Ø       Developed Axis web services to communicate between workstation and server

Ø       Implemented Session Beans to create application workflows

Technologies: Spring, SWT, Swing, Axis web service/SOAP, EJB, JUnit, Log4j, Maven


Developed a Finger Prints Enrollment Application, which is used to enroll, search personal finger prints and register and retrieve personal information.

Ø       Used UML to create design documents

Ø       Used SWT to create GUI interface on workstation

Ø       Utilized Java Web Start to update workstation from application server and launch the application

Ø       Developed Axis web services and JDBC to update or retrieve personal information

Ø       Implemented interface to deliver personal finger prints to FTP server

Ø       Used JAI  to improve personal photography

Technologies: SWT, JAI, JUnit, Log4j, Axis, SOAP, XML, Ant, 

                        Web Star, Thread, UML 


Designed and configured web applications security

Ø       Designed a LDAP schema

Ø       Configured LDAP schema on LDAP server

Ø       Created an Java interface to access LDAP server

Ø       Created a filter to authenticate user

Ø       Defined security roles and security constraints on Application for authorization

Technologies: LDAP, SSL, J2EE security, filter


Developed a Border Guard Web Application, which is used to register and retrieve criminal’s information

Ø       Implemented a MVC Web Application

Ø       Set up the data models by All Fusion Gen

Ø       Used JSP, HTML and CSS to create user interface

Ø       Used Servlet to create user controllers

Ø       Used JDBC and SQL to create DAO for access DB2 database

Technologies: Servlet, JSP, JNDI, JavaBean, JUnit, Log4j, JavaScript, Ant,

                        DAO, JDBC, CSS, SQL, Cool Gen


Developed a JMS component, which is used to communicate with the bank system

Ø       Configured Queue Manager and Queues on MQ Series

Ø       Created JMS component to sent and get messages on MQ Series

Technologies: JMS, MQ


Tools: Eclipse, Websphere Application Server, Tivoli Directory, DB2, MQ Series, All Fusion Gen



Micro Object Solutions Inc, Toronto                                                                               March 2004- February 2005

JAVA/J2EE Developer 

Developed an Online Rental Web Application, which allows customers to obtain product information and place orders over internet

Ø       Strictly followed Rational Unified Process to create this application 

Ø       Coordinated with other J2EE developers by CVS

Ø       Analyzed the business requirements, worked with the Business Analyst to define business needs and delivered the comprehensive Functional Specifications.

Ø       Established Use Case/Class/Sequence/Activity diagrams by UML

Ø       Built the logical/physical database model by Erwin

Ø       Implemented web tier by Struts 1.1(tag, i18n, switch action, dispatch action, dynamic form, plugin validator)

Ø       Configured EJB deployment descriptors to control transaction and security, implemented stateful and stateless session beans in terms of business logic, implemented CMP and CMR mapping, created EJB-QL

Ø       Utilized MVC, Session Façade, Singleton, Factory, Value Object, Data Access Object and Business Delegate J2EE design patterns

Technologies: Servlet, JSP, RMI, JNDI, Java Mail, JavaBean, Struts, JUnit, 

                        EJB, Log4j, XML, JavaScript, Ant

         Tools: JBuilder, Weblogic, Oracle9i, Erwin, Rational Rose and CVS



Organic Food Consumer’s Coop, Montreal                                                   January 2003- June 2003

JAVA/J2EE Developer

Developed an Online Food Order Web Application

Ø       Designed the physical/logical database model

Ø       Designed and developed the entire system to follow MVC design pattern

Ø       Used JSP and JSTL to construct web tier

Ø       Used Servlet and JavaBean to implement BO

Ø       Used SQL and JDBC to implement Database Access Object tier

Ø       Built the entire application by ANT

Technologies: Servlets, JSP, JSTL, HTML, JavaScript, JavaBean, JDBC, ANT

Tools: Tomcat, Rational Rose, Erwin, MySQL


Ao Jia Software Inc, Shanghai           July 1998- December 2000

Java Programmer

Involved in developing a customer call center system for a power supply company

Ø       Provided object-oriented design, programming and implementation support

Ø       Implemented business functions

Ø       Created GUI user interface

Ø       Used JDBC, SQL to communicate workstation with database

Ø       Created design and user support documentations

Technologies: AWT, SQL, JDBC



Available upon request


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