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Ram Bala Ram has over 12 years of software development experience including over 10 years in design, development, customization and implementation support for SAP R/3. He is currently finishing up an SAP SRM/P2P assignment for the US defense contractor Lockheed Martin. Prior to this, he was consulting as an SAP IM/WM technical consultant for Nestle Waters integrating their Waters Division with the Nestle Global headquarters. Earlier, he had worked as a senior SAP Technical Consultant for Bell Helicopters TEXTRON, a $10 billion conglomerate implementing major SAP modules. His past experience also includes the following: Worked as an SAP Technical Consultant for United Stationers, he has been involved in their RTS Dealer Highway Project - a Vertical new dimensional product that is a joint venture between United and SAP. Prior to that, working as an SAP Technical Consultant for Symbol Technologies and an SAP SD/EDI Analyst for Rohm and Haas, he was involved in their Business Transformation Projects and worldwide ERP-SAP implementations respectively. He also provided implementation support as an FI/SD and ALE/ABAP consultant for Lucent and Symbol Technologies, as an Interface Technical Lead Consultant for EDS and SAP - AFS consultant at Adidas, Hush Puppies and Reebok; Also involved in the development of a proprietary ERP interface product Message Wrapper for R/3 using basis components ABAP/4, ALE, IDOC, RFC, EDI & BAPI for UNIX/NT platforms for Digital Equipment Corporation (now Compaq). His long stretch of various project experiences has brought him the following: • Excellent Team Lead experience from various projects. • Working expertise on latest technologies such as SAP ECC 5.0, SRM and XI - NetWeaver platforms, EnjoySAP, BADI, LSMW and WebMethods - BusinessConnector. • Worked on SAP new dimension products like SAP SRM, CRM, SMP (Solution Manager), AFS (Apparel and Footwear Solutions) and SEM (Strategic Enterprise Management). • Was involved in the development of a Vertical Solution for the Dealer Highway community, which is a joint venture between USSCO and SAP. ERP: SAP ECC 5.0, 4.7 (ABAP/4, BAPI, ALE, IDOC, EDI) Tools: LSMW, XI – NetWeaver, InfoShuttle, MQ Series, Gentran, and Mercator Languages: VC++, ABAP/4 (CRM, SRM, FI, SD, MM, IM/WM) Operating Systems: NT, Windows 95 and Solaris Hardware: Intel Servers, Sun Ultra RDBMS: MS SQL Server 6.5, Oracle 7.x, Sybase 11 Experience: 10+ Years SRM/P2P Technical Consultant Lockheed Martin Aug ’07 – present LMCO is a ranked 52nd on the 2006 Fortune 500 list of largest industrial corporations and is focused on the key business areas like: Aeronautics, Electronic and Space Systems etc. • Worked on a company wide P2P and SRM implementation, primarily doing SAP technical work on the FRICE Objects. • Was involved in the ALE configuration and data loads of the Cost Centers (COSMAS) and Internal Orders and also in the Space Systems MS2 Integration and testing. • Worked on a key I&C for ECS contract Loads into SAP using a staging table concept. Was involved in the design and development of this I&C. • Worked on a key Interface Enhancement from SRM to SAP ECC which also involved activating the DOC_CHECK and the ITEM_CHECK BADI in SRM by making Webservice calls from SRM to AVE (Account Validation Engine). • Worked on several key IDOC BADI’s to suppress certain fields in ECC before being sent to MS2 (Space Systems). • Worked very closely with Deloitte in implementing a custom MCE (Material Cost Estimation) Solution for LM – Involved calling several custom Class/Method calls to the Deloitte modules. Hence quite familiar with EnjoySAP and OO concepts within SAP. • Participated in the complete unit and integration testing of all these I&C and worked on the complete documentation for SOX controls. IM/WM Interface Consultant Nestle Waters April – August ‘07 Nestle Waters North America is a division of Nestle, the world’s largest food company. NWNA inc. is the largest producer/distributor of bottled water in the US with over $3 billion in sales. Their popular brands include Poland Spring, Deer Park, and Perrier etc. • Worked on several key Inbound/Outbound IDOC and Flat file interfaces in IM/WM, to integrate the Waters division with the Global headquarters in Switzerland. These include SHPORD’s, DESADV, Stock Adjustments, and Process Orders etc. • Configured EDI, extended IDOC’s to match Global Nestle requirements and developed User Exits/Function Modules to get the interfaces up and running. • Completed Technical Specifications, mapping documentation and participated in end to end testing on these interfaces. • Created and maintained custom data dictionary elements and Z tables to satisfy interface requirements. • Worked with the offshore XI/Gentran(GIS) BI team for integrating and testing of these interfaces. Sr. SAP Consultant Bell Helicopters TEXTRON, TX July ‘06 – March ‘07 Bell Helicopters (BHTI) is a part of TEXTRON, a $10 billion conglomerate, headquartered in Rhode Island. Bell is primarily focused on manufacturing helicopters for the US Government. P2P Implementation Project • Working as a senior SAP Technical Consultant he was responsible for the design and development of several key FRICE Objects from conception to realization in the FI SD and P2P modules of SAP. • Worked on a critical screen Enhancement E-72 involving Purchase Orders, Purchase Requisitions, Contracts and Scheduling agreements by adding custom new fields to the corresponding SAP tables and the Customer data screens respectively and then adding the required code in the user exits. • This Enhancement was required so that SRM can interface with the corresponding new fields in the respective R/3 screens. • Also worked on a custom SAP program enhancement E-107, Work Order Realignment program. This enhancement consisted of 2 tasks. The 1st task involves the creation of 4 new custom tables and the 2nd task involves posting the Work Order (WO) realignment data to various cost objects in SAP using custom transaction. • The E-107 enhancement also involved interfacing externally with TAXWARE to calculate taxes by calling the RFC_UPDATE_TAXES remote function module. • The posting of the Work Order (FB01) was done using standard BAPI – BAPI_ACC_GL_POSTING_POST. • Excellent error handling techniques were incorporated using IDOC and Email intimations to specific users. • Worked on the Material Master interfaces (I-12, 13, 14 and 15) along with another team member to extract any “new/changed” MEPI (Manufacturing Engineering Planning Instruction) Control/Release number information from the MEPS Legacy system and to load that information into the SAP R/3 Material Master. • Worked on an interactive ALV R-59, ZBFAPR_RAPIDS_CREDIT_MEMO program that finds all vendor returns linked to PO line items. The program then creates a credit memo document and post credit memo to the vendor account. The output can be viewed as an ALV or sent as an Email to specific users. SAP Technical Analyst United Stationers, Chicago Jan ‘06 – July ‘06 UNITED STATIONERS INC. is North America's largest broad line wholesale distributor of business products, with 2005 consolidated net sales of $4.3 billion. USSCO has partnered with SAP in developing a new dimensional product called RTS (Reseller Technology Solution) a Vertical template solution that can be implemented for all dealers in North America. RTS Dealer Highway Project • Working as a Sr. SAP technical Analyst for RTS, was in charge of the development of all the LSMW Conversions and data loads for the template. Some of the key conversions include Material Master Loads, Material Classification, Vendor Master, Purchasing and Condition Info Record loads etc. Played a key role in developing a Master Data Load Plan and implementing the data loads for all the dealers who have gone live until now. • Worked on several key interfaces like the Credit Card/P-Card interface, which involved modifying SAP User Exit (MV45AFZZ) and include - ZZMV45AFZZ_0000. Also developed key function modules for several interfaces like the Budget interface to be interfaced with the Comergant front-end using XI as the middleware. • Configured EDI for SAP Orders 850, 855, Invoices 810 and ASN’s 856 to be interfaced with 3rd party suppliers like TRIMEGA. • Worked on numerous reports like the Sales Tax Report, Back Order Report, Order History report etc for the FI SD and MM team. Some of these were interactive reports and were developed using ALV classes and function modules. • Very conversant in Object Oriented ABAP programming and the use of BADI and various other classes for container control, grid control, ALV etc. Technical Team Lead United Stationers, Chicago June ‘05 – Dec ‘05 Project Vision – QTC • Project Vision was a $60 million initiative from USSCO to move their Order-to-Cash legacy system to SAP. Worked as a Technical Team Lead for the project during the Blueprint and design phase. • Negotiated Contracts with SeeBurger and Gentran(GIS) for the Implementation. • Worked very closely with all the Business and SAP Functional teams and was in-charge of developing the FRICE Tracking Master List for all the development objects. • Developed all the FRICE templates to be used for the project. Implemented FRICE development standards, which closely reflect the SAP – ASAP methodology. • Reported directly to the Project Integration Manager. SAP Technical Analyst Symbol Technologies, NY Feb ’04 – June ‘05 Symbol Tech, already a leader in wireless, scanner and barcode technologies is trying to re-invent itself as an “Enterprise Mobility Company” through its various Business Transformation (BTO) projects. Project Phoenix – Release 5 – CRM Service Working as an SAP CRM Technical consultant, he was involved in developing various Enhancements and interfaces between CRM and R/3. • Worked on a BADI enhancement to check if a unit can have only one open active RMA at any point of time. Customized error messages on the CRMD_ORDER screen to display system status. • Worked on a User Exit/BADI combination in R/3 to validate Serial Number. When a unit arrives at the shipping dock, the serial number on the unit, entered during goods issue is validated against the serial number contained in the RMA document. Then an RFC enabled function module is called at runtime to check if the serial number exists in CRM. • Developed an enhancement as a part of triggering an “Action” in CRM to update the status of an RMA line item with the status from confirmation. • Very good understanding of the CRM data dictionary including the GUID concepts. Project Phoenix – Release 1 – IM/WM Worked on several key FRICE items as a part of Symbol’s Global Service Division (GSD) IM/WM implementation. • Developed key programs as a part of the Carousel Interface, where data is interfaced between R/3 and the Carousel 3rd party software bi-directionally. The various scenarios that were handled were Picks, Putaways and Cycle counts. • Developed custom screens for Shipment Consolidation and Pick to Container enhancements based on user requirements. • Developed two key reports, Serial Number Report and the Tracking Number Report for the IBM-Coke requirement using ALV grid controls. • Used various SAP Enjoy controls like the Container control, Grid control etc in developing various programs for FRICE requirements. • Used the SAP Solution Manager (SMP) product to create, organize and maintain technical/design documents and PRS tickets. • Ability to create and maintain technical specifications and design documents as per SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley) requirements, as the client was trying to be SOX compliant. SAP SD/EDI Analyst Rohm and Haas Sep ’02 – Feb ’04 Worldwide SAP Implementation Rohm and Haas is a $6 billion specialty chemical company headquartered near the historic Liberty Bell in the heart of Philadelphia. • Working as an SAP SD/EDI Analyst for Rohm and Haas, he has been involved in the various Rollouts of their Worldwide ERP-SAP implementation. • Created and maintained (Batch managed) several thousand Variants and Batch Jobs in SAP for over 30 different plants worldwide during the various rollouts in-order to automate the Order management process completely including, but not limited to Delivery Shipping Credit/AR and Invoicing. • Configured SAP-EDI for all the R&H clients in North America. Played a key role in the Elemica, Cass Freight Payments and the SOMI Interface EDI projects. Was responsible for the SAP Configuration, development, testing and implementation of these projects. • Used SAP to Configure and maintain Printer Fax and EDI Output conditions for the various Output Types in SAP SD Module. Has detailed working knowledge of the SAP Order-to-Cash (OTC) process including Order creation, Delivery, Shipping and Billing. Used the Goods Issue and the goods receipt functionality with various movement types (905 912 etc) to move inventory in SAP. • Detailed working knowledge and highly proficient in the ALE/EDI/IDOC technologies and the ABAP/4 language. Worked primarily as a Techno-Functional Analyst on the project. • Prepared Job-Aids and Video CD’s to train Super Users and CSR’s on the project. ABAP/WebMethods Consultant Lucent Tech, NJ Jan - Aug 2002 Quote-To-Cash Project • Working as a SAP/WebMethods - Business Connector consultant for Lucent, he was responsible for developing and mapping several key interfaces between SAP SD Module and many of their 3rd party providers, using the XML based middleware Business Connector. • Highly proficient with the XML/BOD concept and WebMethods - Business Connector tool, both on the Server and the Developer side. Worked on server configuration and on complex Mapping interfaces involving both Publish and Subscribe protocols. • Worked on ABAP and the Business Connector mapping for some of the key interfaces like PublishSyncProdOrder006 (ORDERS) and PublishProcessInvoice002 (INVOIC), which were interfaced from SAP via BAPI and IDOC respectively to Lucent’s 3rd party providers. • Also worked on developing the Business Connector Maps for key interfaces like SubscribeProcessInvoice002 (Invoice), SubscibeShowShipment006 (ASN) and MATMAS - SubscribeSyncItem006, which were interfaced into SAP IDOC from external 3rd party vendors. • Configured SAP by setting up RFC, ports and partner profiles to communicate properly with BC. • Defined ‘Listeners’ and created inbound and outbound routing rules to test data flow between SAP and BC. OMS-To-GBox Project • Working as an IDOC/ABAP consultant on the SD-OMS (Order Management System) project, he was responsible for converting many of the Lucent interfaces (conversions and data loads) into the new ones as per the Gbox requirements. • Worked on the Mechanical Invoice and iBuy interface, which involved developing complex programs in SAP to interface outbound with using flat files and EDI. • Worked on a couple of User Exits to update ZGSHIPI table for ASN using DESADV IDOC. • Worked on a report ZVRP0024 for IDOC error processing which was made highly interactive using drill down and hot key facilities. • Also responsible for developing a key report called the Jeopardy Report ZVRP0025, which takes in the Order Number and the Customer code as Input and produces various reports based on Jeopardies such as deliveries, installation and transportation. ALE/ABAP Consultant Symbol Tech, NY Apr - Dec 2001 McAllen Warehouse Project • Working as an ALE/ABAP Consultant for Symbol Tech, a leader in wireless, scanner and barcode technologies, he was responsible for developing certain key interfaces between SAP MM and Catalyst-WMS, a third party WMS for their McAllen, TX Warehouse project. • Developed several key interfaces between SAP MM and Catalyst-WMS for Inventory Adjustments and Consignment Purchase using ABAP/4 and the XML based middleware Business Connector. • Highly proficient in ALE/EDI technology and used it extensively for creating custom IDOC types, Message types and other custom ALE configurations required for interface development. • Was responsible for writing the Technical Design, developing the Mapping document and interfacing with the middleware Business Connector in order to develop the interfaces. • In-depth working knowledge of ALE/IDOC from the point of configuration, data distribution and also in developing custom interfaces. • Detailed working knowledge on SAP MM Function module and Catalyst WMS. Interface Lead Consultant EDS, Dallas, TX Apr’ 00 - Mar’ 01 e. FW/ CFC Project • Worked as an Interface Lead Consultant for the EDS Enterprise Financial Warehouse (e. FW) project, he has been involved in their worldwide SAP implementation for the Corporate Financial Consolidation (CFC). • Worked as a lead developer in the Data Load team, he was in-charge of the Master Data Loads like Cost Centers, Contracts etc. • Used SAP BAPI’s extensively for creating, updating and deleting master data instead of BDC’s so as to increase speed and performance. • Worked as a lead developer in the Interface and Data conversion team, he was responsible for converting many of the EDS legacy programs into SAP. • Participated in Unit and Integration testing and provided complete documentation and walkthroughs for all the interface/conversion programs. • Worked on SAP’s new dimension products like SEM/BCS to produce various reports. ALE / EDI Consultant EDS, Dallas, TX May 99 - Apr 00 Simulation System Project • Worked as an ALE/EDI Lead Consultant for Electronic Data Systems, he has been involved in their worldwide SAP implementation. • Played a crucial role in configuring Inter-company billing transaction using EDI functionality with SAP. • Configured ALE for distributing Customizing, Master and Transaction data between various EDS locations worldwide. • Configured ALE for distributing data between Stand - Alone HR and the non-HR Operational Systems (De-coupled HR). • Integrated SAP Workflow with Ms-Outlook 2000 to enhance workflow functionality using SAP-MAPI. • Developed a function module for Travel Expense Workflow to satisfy EDS Workflow requirements. • Modified the Check Extract creation Report to generate files in the bank-required format. • Wrote a User Exit for validating the Inventory Number in Asset Management. • Worked with HR BAPI’s to post Payroll information into GL. • Broad working knowledge on HR, FI, MM and SD Modules. EDI / IDoc Consultant Adidas America, SC Jan 99 - Apr 99 • Working as an EDI/IDoc Lead Consultant for Adidas America, he has been involved in EDI High Level Design and Blueprinting of their SAP - AFS (Apparel and Footwear Solution) implementation for FI, MM and SD modules. • Formulated an EDI detailed Work Plan using Microsoft Project with Work Breakdown Structure, Resource Allocations, Load balancing, Major Milestones and Timelines. • Performed Mapping Analysis for 16 EDI Transactions with 8 Trading Partners as a part of the Business Process Analysis for Phase 1. • Reviewed Mapping requirements, provided Mapping Gaps and created Mapping Documentation for the above EDI Transactions. • Some of the key EDI transactions include the Invoice (810), Orders (850), Advance Shipment Notices (ASN 856) and the Warehouse Transactions (940,944). • The Mapping tool used in the EDI subsystem was Harbinger TLE under Windows NT Environment. • Construct and Unit test EDI Maps, tables and trading partner profiles using Harbinger TLE. • Played a supporting role in Setup/Configure TLE for applicable transactions, trading partners, communications connections and SAP systems. EDI / IDoc Consultant Wolverine World Wide, MI Aug 98 - Jan 99 • Worked as an EDI/IDoc Lead Consultant in the Hush Puppies division of Wolverine World Wide Inc. group, he was involved in their SAP - AFS (Apparel and Footwear Solution) implementation for FI and SD modules. • Worked primarily on User Exits and IDoc related extensions involving inbound orders (850) and outbound invoices (810). • Reviewed Mapping requirements, provided Mapping Gaps and created Mapping Documentation for the above EDI Transactions. • Has a detailed knowledge on IDoc configuration and extensions. Extended the IDoc type J3ABIL01 to include a new segment Z1EDK28 with new fields to be passed via IDoc for outbound invoices. • Utilized outbound and inbound IDoc test tool to test various transactions. • Developed an EDI Error Report to output various details for sales orders from an inbound IDoc J3AORD01 including detailed error description on the various IDoc statuses. • Developed Test Cases to test the IDoc with possible sample setup data. Prepared complete documentation on all user exits and reports. ALE/ EDI Analyst Reebok International, MA Apr 98 - Aug 98 • Worked on ALE/EDI Analysis and as an ALE - ABAP/4 Developer at Reebok International, he has been involved in development and implementation of various business services of the ALE - IDoc interface between Reebok and Greg Norman. • Developed ABAP/4 programs to upload and download data files and tables between SAP R/3 - AFS and legacy systems. • Wrote ABAP/4 programs to develop user exits in order to insert new IDoc Segments and to extend existing segments by adding new fields. • Configured ALE for the SAP R/3 AFS System per client requirements. • Created new segments, extended existing segments to include new fields to be passed via IDoc for Outbound ASN transactions. • Used Outbound and Inbound IDoc test tool to test transactions. • Utilized LIS Architecture for the development of various reports. • Developed several utility and interactive reports such as Undistributed Bulk Order Report, Sales Order Report and other Inventory Reports. • Detailed interface knowledge of both MM and SD Modules. Basis/VC++ Developer Digital Equipment Corp, NH Feb 98 - Apr 98 • Design and development of Message Wrapper product for interfacing SAP R/3 with external legacy system using IPC messaging (DMQ) techniques and Visual C++ programming. This package establishes, maintains connection and translates data structures and data types between R/3 and external system. It utilizes BDC, ALE-IDoc, EDI, BAPI and RFC features of R/3 and is ported over to NT Platform. • Involved in ALE customization and implementation such as defining a unique client ID, Defining technical communications parameters, modeling the distribution, Generating Partner Profiles in the sending system, Distributing the Customer Model, Generating the Partner Profiles in the receiving system, checking communication, Handling Intermediate Documents (IDocs) utilizing RFC. Used transaction SM59 to maintain remote destinations in the table RFCDES. • Handled various aspects of ABAP/4 Transactions such as dialog programming, Processing of user requests, Handling of errors and messages, Controlling the screen flow, Modification of the screen using tables, list processing, Checking user authorizations, database updates and Calling external program components • Developed various Batch Input Programs and Data Transfer Programs using the batch input data structure and SAP data structure. • Worked on ABAP/4 features like creating, maintaining queries, defining fields, statistics, and ranked lists for MM and PP modules. VC++/ABAP/4 Programmer Fidelity Investments, MA May 97 - Feb 98 • Worked as a development lead in the Fidelity Investments. Has been involved in the development, implementation, regression and integration testing of the various business services of the ALE-IDoc interface product Defined Benefits Application (DB/CS). • The DB/CS has a system infrastructure that is capable of supporting multiple clients and a base of one million participants. The complete product is being developed in Client/Server - VC++ and SQL Server 6.5 to interface with SAP R/3 and is delivered in a phased approach. • Played a major role in the development of three major enhancements (RIC/Event synchronization, Calculation audit and Non-qualified benefit.) Has taken care of developing the GUI and the reports for these three enhancements. Software Engineer Ramco Systems, India Jan 96-May 97 • Environment: SAP R/3 30D, MARSHAL 3.0, VC++, SQL Server 6.5,Win 95, Win NT. • Involved in the design, development and implementation of PP & MM module, extensively used ABAP/4 in developing various reports, transactions and user exists. Developed Module Pool Programs: • Developed GUI interfaces using menu painter and screen painter. • Maintained programs for simple material BOMs and multiple BOMs for PP module. • Customized where-used list to implement where-used in process plan and where-used loose items exception functionality specific to the client requirements. Generated Reports: • Developed reports using query with and without logical databases. • Generated various structural and quantity-based reports for extracting data from single-level BOM, multi-level BOM and summarized BOM respectively using standard functions and layouts. • Optimized reports performance using Run Time Analysis. Performed Batch Data Conversion (BDC): • Developed Direct BDC programs for data interface between the R/3 system and the existing system using CALL FUNCTION and CALL TRANSACTION and vendors data through create vendors, change vendors transaction screens. • Developed Indirect BDC programs for transferring data from legacy system to the SAP system. • Created and maintained data dictionary objects like tables, views, matchcodes, lock objects , data elements, domains and used them in reports programming. • Modified the BOM include structures CI_STKO and CI_STPO corresponding to STKO (BOM header) and STPO (BOM item) respectively to include additional fields specific to the client requirements. Software Engineer Softkon Systems, India Dec 93-Jan 96 • Developed and implemented credit card embossing control software for DataCard 310 (DC 310) machine in MS-Windows using Visual C++ and SQL Server 6.5. - Data extraction from UNIX host through serial ports and database is updated. - Encoding of magnetic stripe of credit card is handled. - OCR indent printing on card was also handled. - System security through login-id and user creation facility. - Complete error handling, Audit trails and summary reports. - Connectivity to POS (Point of Sales terminal) in the sales depot from the host terminal in the bank was provided and validation of accounts was done. References: Available on Request.

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